Monday, October 1, 2012

Emptiness is the mother of all things?

Now as far as the title goes I have no clue what that is suppose to mean. I actually found it inside of a fortune cookie. Now the reason I made it the title is because I feel as though it is a true statement. I'll tell you my meaning of it but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong. The way I see it is emptiness is the mother of all, because the more empty you feal the more you try to fill yourself which can end pretty terrible. Be it either thorugh bad social group choices or things that literally go into your body like alchol or drugs. Why people do these things I can't speak for them so don't expect that but as for me now I don't do drugs but I do make bad social decisions in order to fill myself. In a pretty stupid attempt to try and get some emotional response out of myself and others I create situations in which people can respond in either one of two ways. One being discomfort or the other being what I was hoping for which is some sort of acceptance. Now when it comes to a social circle I wouldn't exactly say I have one. Now I'm not claiming to be classified as a "loner" or anything I just get along with everyone that's all. I socialize always looking for that group that will accept me as one of their own. Dosen't every high school senior? I know it seems a little late but I figured I mine as wel give it a shot. Because it would be a major drag if I were to come back for my reunion and not know or have any sort of relationship with anyone. Although I am working on it I am trying to make a good relationship with people especially when it comes to the opposite sex. I'd prefer not to be known as the sleez who tried to get with every girl walking. I like to be more mature when dealing with the opposite sex. Now i know what you might be thinking "this guy is a virgin", or "man is he serious wow PATHETIC". Now you may not beleive it to be true but at times this tends to work out for me not purely sexual but when I want an actual freindship with a girl. But hey maybe your different and that is totally cool with me but fellas let's be real there will be a time where you have to grow up and try to settle down or else you'll be 50 somehting and at home reading some 18 year old teenagers blog on how you should treat women just saying. But back on topic which is emptiness, when you veiw emptiness you can't sorely look at as an excuse to do stupid things. In which I mean bad personal choices or doign drugs and such. No look at it as a way to better yourselves and to start over or start a beginning in which you can fill yourself with positive qualities but don't forget to add some negative because let's be honest who wants to be a mjaor tool.